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So, you really need a couch, and you found the perfect one locally but it won’t fit in your car… So how are you going to get this couch to your house?

Don’t worry, we’re Shipey and we’ve got your back! With Shipey you can have your new couch delivered right to you without even geting off of your old one.
Just open our app and request a shipment. In less than a minute the closest driver will be on their way to picking up your couch and delivering it to your doorstep.

What clients are saying

This nifty app changed the way I run my business. Now, instead of spending hours at my desk trying to ship something, i can access all my records from my mobile phone!
Anonymous Client
Lauren Powell
The amazing shipping app made it easier for me to buy stuff online because I knew I could have it shipped.
Anonymous Client
Richard Griffith

This app is an absolute must have for any business!
Anonymous Client
Dave Thomas

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